Tuesday, July 13, 2010

been a while!

doing blogger and catching up with my ex-girlfriend, both! haha.
look how long our hair has grown since we last saw each other!
(and how little weight we've lost :P)

(poloshirt galore)

(bangs galore :D)

it will be years till i'll probably get to do a before and after take with the other kulotski.
but i'd be sure lose more of the latter though ;)

p.s. because gayle, you still don't have facebook! <3

xo, chari

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Or better yet, don't! :))
Hayyy pictures!

P.S. I just got your message. How about a bigger one?


Sunday, March 7, 2010


redesigned it from reflectionof.me.

found it really cute. funny thing about women, huh?
too bad, men are from mars.
hee n._.-


Saturday, February 6, 2010

whatsup, erap?

that rhymed, huh? cute!

but i guess you're serious now, huh?
political ads should be serious, you say?

no singing or dancing? the concept being presidential?
that makes me smirk. i could have sworn i saw you in one of those movies with slow-mo running around the trees and those dancing choreography at the beach.

okay, that's besides the point, i know.
but, erap babalik na?

i think i've heard that somewhere. uhm, how about some originality?
how about "i shall return" instead?

anyway, i know you're not as dumb as those sms jokes, which people have circulated before.
but because i lloovvee advertising and marketing, i'd spell out the general idea, contrary to the neck-less interview you had during the late night news.

marketing > advertisement, as defined by answers.com are...

Sponsored informational public notice appearing in any of the communications media that is designed to appeal to a mass audience in order to persuade, inform, promote, motivate, or otherwise modify behavior toward a favorable pattern of purchasing, supporting, or approving a particular product, service, idea, or organization.

well, i'd hate to think that i'm the only person who's thoroughly enjoying the political ads this election year. despite the whole politics behind them, it amazes me how mature, and well, rather creative the television airtime have been utilized.

i'd say, counting colorful at that. persuasion on the roll!

i know it's too early, but here's Chari's Election 2010 Top TV Ad Polls Rating:

1. Noynoy

* Who would have missed the all star cast tv ad that brought in celebrities from both big rival networks ;
* To the "hindi ako magnanakaw" ad ;
* To the "Pinnoyyyy... Noy-noy jingle" ad with very cute baby james raising that right-hand L at the end;
* To the most recent with the projection of what should have been to what had happened,

I'd say great great team is surely behind him on this race.

2. Gibo

Ghad, his ads are tasteful!

* Galing at Talino with the matching dramatic lifting of the head
* The seemingly Globe Telecoms-like advertisement of him walking on the alley
* The most recent Lipad Gibo with those huge-ass planes and that great band play

Too bad the song doesn't get some recall for me, but, I should say, the administration do know how to compete in this race.

3. Eddie

Not as many ads as the rest of the candidates, but his is a classic example of quality over quantity.

Eddie tayo!

Love the double meaning. Well, I say there, my friend, is what we call recall.

4. Villar

Does he need any introduction? Who wouldn't miss his advertisements? It's all over.

A number can easily be shelved or stored down those trash bins, but admittedly, millions of people have likely hummed his jingle.

"Sha ang tunay na mahirap... nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura, at namasko ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada, yan ang tanong namin. tunay ka bang isa samin?"

there you go.

so, whatsup, erap?
that still rhymed, huh? cute?
well, definitely not you.

god bless pinas.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

what's with february?

so we are friends. we have been, even then, before we used to be together.
okay, so we're fb friends, as well. it doesn't hurt to like some things here and comment some things there.

dropping by his page after seeing an approval hand with a likes this on my recent post, i saw some interesting shout-outs on his wall, jargons as few commenting friends put in - obviously those not bothering fondling with internet savvy, mr. google.

so the posts spells as,

Ik hou van jou...
12 hours ago

Jeg elsker dig...
Yesterday at 10:36am

Men seny jaksy kuremyn...
Tue at 11:16am

Volim te...
Mon at 12:17pm

i find myself actually smiling after getting the first search engine result. aha!
as kris would place it, "love love love love love

and as i tried to remember the last conversation i had with him, i smile because i have the reason to smile. for him.
this note with or without affirmation, i smile because i think the world owes him this one, with two years' interest.

maybe it comes with the guilt feeling of having wanted to break things off first before.
maybe it comes with that constant prayer before that he'll first find another partner before you would.
maybe it comes with the fact that he is, and will always be among the few people who would always know you best.

that or simply, because i'm happy where i am right now
and who i am with that i hope him that, as well.

as my good friend Norman put it, who i believe has also recently separated ways with his very charming then-girlfriend, break-ups need not be bitter. and i say, even if you're in a relationship, you can't own someone.
rather, you can simply be important - or extra-important - to each other.

that's the beauty and complexity of love, relationship and of partnership, i guess.
it takes a lot of work.

taken at the bay Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Monday, January 18, 2010

guess who...

...'s at starbucks drinking coffee jelly?

...has just gotten his eleventh sticker?

...got his planner a couple of minutes ago!

these are just about two of the n number of guess who's that i can remember of, while the last, an sms i received just a minute ago.
i'd say playing guess who's have never been such a happy thing.

if ten weeks ago, you'll tell me that i'll meet a total stranger, as in a toootal stranger, and race for completing stickers to claim god-knows-what-goes-on-people's-heads-and-value-such-overpriced planner, go publicly smug over each seemingly-priceless-but-yep- those-overpriced stickers on facebook, and will be enjoying each other's company, talk about anything and everything over cups of fraps and whatever-you-call-those coffees...except for music...and techie stuff ;D, be each other's student when it comes to learning law and nihonggo, admire each other's (ehem) intelligence, share the same interests, envy at each other's bests, get a lot of homework undone because of too much talking, i won't even believe you.

ten weeks ago, i would not have even imagined that foundations of friendship can take root from a simple hello after being introduced the day earlier, and continue on over starbucks meet-ups.

yep, ten weeks ago i would have laughed at your face. who are you kidding?

yep, ten weeks ago, and not a day later.
while people call it fate, and others call it serendipity, i'd call it happenstance. a happy happenstance.

i'd say cheers to friendships, those that you know will be for keeps.
now, there are things that money can't buy. except for those starbucks coffee jellies ;D (swipe it!)

jai-san, i know you'll neveeerrr learn your lesson, but race you to the next sticker album, haha.

Friday, January 15, 2010

(bungot, i hope you'll find your 365)

that's what i was thinking when i was lying on the awkward section of the sofa about three hours earlier, finding my eyes drooping ready for sleep.

toothbrush, wash, and change. in proper order before sleeping.
so i find myself ghad, no longer sleepy after that cold water splatter.

whattodo, whattodo. yep, i found myself finally typing the keys.

so much stories, where to start.
so much pictures, when to upload.
so much preoccupation, how to handle.

Bokeh Love

for the past three days, i've been out of the house, listening to my high school friend bitter, reminisce, laugh, bitch and just about everything in between on her breakup. so much for starting the year, ey?

i tried to preoccupy her, even hanged on fifty-degrees tilted on top of the tallest building of the city.
i shouted at her, laughed with her, and well, listened, wishing my lame attempts matter.

silently, i wished it would have been as easy for her as I have had..
when finding oneself feeling bad, and one's office mate will just nudge you and say "hey, okay ra ka?" and it suddenly feels a whole lot lighter.
when you find yourself saying, "I'm sad..." and they would simply say "dali, i'll get you ice cream".

and i wish it would have been as easy as that when one can say that "it's happy to be sad sometimes".

it seems there's a whole bunch of people getting in that fad. jusssttt kidding, haha.

then there's that project 365 pictures, lost in meaning, until you find those who have had defined theirs.
just like sungazing's. yep, you've got to read her story. here.

toothbrush, wash, and change.
it takes discipline sometimes to get up and do them, when it could have been more comfortable not to.

go mess it up if you want.
wash, change, toothbrush?

at the end of the day, there will be you.

Rain Dance
By Julie Ziesemann

Dancing on the porch
in the rain
Who would have thought
I’d ever do that?
You stood there
afraid to move
hiding yourself.

I laughed and danced
arms reaching the sky
catching rain.
You acted as if I were
crazy as you turned around
and walked away.

You anticipated me to
follow. Your expectations
were the last thing
on my mind.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

yey for holidays

coming from a loooong vacation, it's great news to know they're "refreshed" for a new year ahead.
here's to a new year and to vacations ahead ;D

Philippine National Holidays:

Jan 1 (Fri) - New Year's Day (five-day long weekend from December 30 to January 3)
Feb 22 (Mon) - EDSA Revolution Anniversary
Apr 1 (Thu) - Holy Thursday
Apr 2 (Fri) - Good Friday (four-day long weekend from April 1 to 4)
Apr 9 (Fri) - Araw ng Kagitingan (three-day long weekend from April 9 to 11)
May 1 (Sat) - Labor Day
Jun 14 (Mon) - Independence Day (three-day long weekend from June 12 to 14)
Aug 23 (Mon) - Ninoy Aquino Day (three-day long weekend from August 21 to 23)
Aug30 (Mon) - National Heroes Day (three-day long weekend from August 28 to 30)
Sep - Eid'l Fitr (to be announced, calculated September 10, possible three-day long weekend from September 10 to 12)
Nov 1 (Mon) - All Saints Day (three-day long weekend from October 30 to November 1)
Nov - Eid 'l Adha (to be announced, calculated November 16)
Nov 29 (Mon) - Bonifacio Day (three-day long weekend from November 27 to 29)
Dec 24 (Fri) - Non-Working Holiday
Dec 25 (Sat) - Christmas
Dec 27 (Mon) - Rizal Day (four-day long weekend from December 24 to 27)
Dec 31 (Fri) - Non-Working Holiday
Jan 1 (Sat) -
New Year's Day (three-day long weekend from December 31 to January 2)

Information relayed by Angeli :)